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Caen ventas de gasolina, gas, turbosina, diesel y petróleo; Bajos ingresos reducen aporte al fisco en 57 mil 763 mdp
Mexico reaffirms its nationalist policies by canceling 2020 oil and gas auctions
According to the President, private companies are not fulfilling their contracts
Aumenta producción de petróleo y gas en noviembre: CNH
México registró un volumen de producción de petróleo crudo de un millón 704 mil barriles diarios, 43 mil barriles diarios más que en octubre
Indicador tuvo disminución de 2.8% en octubre; producción minera reporta caídas desde 2013
Mexico reaches deal with firms on gas pipeline contracts
The deal renegotiates the terms of natural gas pipeline contracts that are expected to save the Mexican government USD $4.5 billion
Mexico forsakes science
EL UNIVERSAL reveals the difficulties faced by at least four research centers throughout the country
LP gas: Monopolies, theft, and corruption
The so-call “huachicol”, fuel theft, has also taken over the LPG sector
Pemex aims to increase oil production by 2024
López Obrador said that once Pemex increases its oil output, it will produce resources to promote the country's development
Does Pemex have a reason to celebrate?
On this day in 1938, then President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized the oil industry
The turmoil behind the thermoelectric plant in Morelos
The project dates back to 2011 when Felipe Calderón was President and during Peña Nieto's presidency, it was announced that the plan would continue but it was never implemented