24 | MAY | 2019
UNAM: a crusade against criminal gangs
Porros attacked a pacific demonstration on September 3 – Photo: Diego Omar Uriarte/EL UNIVERSAL

UNAM: a crusade against criminal gangs

Mexico City
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Videos recorded by students show the UNAM's surveillance forces turning a blind eye to drug trafficking

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The presence of “porros”, criminal gangs formed by students and outsiders, in some of the UNAM's campuses can't be ignored.

A day after they attacked students from the CCH Azcapotzalco, when they were peacefully demonstrating outside the Dean's office on September 3, the UNAM identified the aggressors as members of criminal gangs known as “32”, from the CCH Azcapotzalco; “March 30”, from the CCH Vallejo, and “Naucalpan's student federation”, and according to the university's authorities, they act on behalf of external interests.

At some point, “porros” were used to contain student's movements. But now, when respecting human rights is a privilege in Mexico, they are expressions of authoritarianism and of wrong ways of exercising power, besides representing the interests of certain groups, usually political groups, that try to influence in the university.

Their presence is so notorious that the General Director of the UNAM's Institutional Evaluation center is revealing more details about these groups to EL UNIVERSAL. He explains that years ago, these groups were linked to some PRI's politicians, but that nowadays “they sell themselves to the highest bidder to counter critiques or movements inside or outside the campuses”. And there's also evidence that they sell drugs.

The current movement that is expressing its rejection towards “porros” must be used to exile insecurity and the presence of drug dealers. In the last couple of months, a journalist was beaten and threatened by drug dealers, then there was a confrontation between criminal groups that left two criminals wounded, both of whom died at the hospital. Should they wait until the situation worsens?

Inside the UNAM, it is necessary that they scrutinize the surveillance and assistance forces. Videos recorded by students show their members' indifference in the face of blatant cases of drug sale and consumption, which could even be interpreted as a possible collusion between them.

Nevertheless, the UNAM can't start a crusade if it doesn't have the support of the local government to adopt actions to contain drug trafficking groups that lurk the UNAM's campuses.

The Dean's office is open and willing to listen to the students and meet their demands. Society's support, its students, and the authorities are fundamental to be successful in this crusade.


Who are the criminal gangs who attacked UNAM students?

The students were protesting the murder of one of their classmates, and the lack of teachers
Who are the criminal gangs who attacked UNAM students?Who are the criminal gangs who attacked UNAM students?


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