19 | MAY | 2019
Tatiana Clouthier's motivations
Tatiana Clouthier will work as Congresswoman – Photo: Gabriel Pastelin/EL UNIVERSAL

Tatiana Clouthier's motivations

Mexico City
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Tatiana Clouthier's motivations

Tatiana Clouthier's anticipated resignation as Sub-secretary of Internal Affairs in Andrés Manuel López Obrador's cabinet scared her colleague, Mario Delgado. We're told that although many see the current Senator as the next parliamentary coordinator in Congress, some saw potential in the former López Obrador's campaign manager to lead this bench, the biggest bench in Congress. Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, Dolores Padierna, and Pablo Gómez are still in the fight for the position. Nevertheless, Tatiana claims that she's not interested in leading the Morena flock. The point is that Tatiana backed off the Internal Affairs Sub-secretariat, but her motivation was her family: her two children and her husband.

Ricardo Monreal's chocolate is thickening

The Morena Senators' coordinator, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, as the new boss, will start by requesting a tender for an external audit for Congress, that will show him an X-ray of the budget exercise, before the austerity that they say they will install. This-deliver-reception will be an authentic account demands and thick chocolate, we're told...

Zambrano fights for a position

Of the leaders of Los Chuchos, Jesús Zambrano hasn't resigned himself to stay on the bench for the next six years. We're told that this Friday, Zambrano impugned distribution of proportional representation seats in the Senate, to see if he has a chance to enter the High Chamber. We're told that the future PRD Senator, Juan Zepeda, won his seat two ways: by a relative majority and by proportional representation, but the law forces him to take the position he was voted in. That's why the INE gave that position to Juan Zepeda's substitute, Israel Zamora Guzmán, a young PRD member from the State of Mexico. They explain that Zambrano wants the electoral authority to invalidate this proportional representation seat and he argues that he should take the seat because he's from the same genre, and not Hortensia Aragón because there would be a women overrepresentation with Xóchitl Gálvez, who was the number 1 on the PRD's proportional representation list.

Damián Zepeda takes advantage

The story of abuses at the PAN won't stop. Although voices from the power entourage in the PAN, linked, whether they admit it or not, to the former presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, criticized that Damián Zepeda stayed in the party's leadership, and aspired to be the PAN's parliamentary coordinator in the Senate; but the alerts were ignored and the prophecy was fulfilled: he would take advantage. So Damián basically named himself as the coordinator, although the official announcement said that Marcelo Torres Cofiño made the decision, as the current president. They never learn.


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