How will the SNTE and CNTE affect education?

AMLO's team is hoping to develop proposals with consensus and with the teachers union's support

How will the SNTE and CNTE affect education?
Elba Esther Gordillo, the former SNTE's leader- Photo: Francisco Cañedo/XINHUA
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Until now, it seems like nothing can save the education reform implemented by the current administration.

The government that will take office in December 1st is organizing forums where teachers, parents, experts, and civic groups participate, so that much of what is said there is included in the educational policy that will be presented in two months. Until yesterday, over 40,000 presentations had been carried out in the states where the forums have taken place.

In Congress, Morena has said that not even a comma from the education reform will be left, but they haven't proposed a concrete plan to substitute the current reform.

Out of all the approved reforms during Peña Nieto's presidency, the education reform was the most celebrated one in the government, but also the most rejected by teachers, especially in certain areas.

They could never distance it from the punitive nature attributed to it by its critics. Those who have repeatedly failed the different tests face certain consequences, such as the leaving their post and, in the beginning, being assigned administrative tasks.

The incoming administration is hoping to present proposals developed out of consensus and with the teachers' support, a pursuit that will only be possible if they reach agreements that contain the two most important factors: the National Union for Education Workers (SNTE) and the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE).

According to information published by EL UNIVERSAL today, Elba Esther Gordillo is getting ready for her return as the SNTE's leader. In the approbation of the current reform, the SNTE's endorsement was key; on the contrary, the CNTE fought to prevents its approbation and implementation. What role will the play in the education changes that will be adopted? Will they demand benefits that have nothing to do with education, such as selling tenure positions? Will they demand that thousands of teachers cash in their salaries, although they are not in the classroom, but rather carrying out union tasks.

In the midst of an intended transformation in the country, supported by millions of voters on July 1st, the SNTE and the CNTE must contribute to the improvement of children's education and not look to recover lost privileges, which shouldn't be gained back.


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