Odebrecht: Emilio Lozoya is charged with criminal association, illegal transactions, and bribery

The Attorney General's Office charged Emilio Lozoya with three more crimes

Odebrecht: Emilio Lozoya is charged with criminal association, illegal transactions, and bribery
Emilio Lozoya is currently at large - Photo: Bernardo Montoya/REUTERS
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The Attorney General's Office charged Emilio Lozoya, the former Pemex director, with three crimes, after he was investigated for his involvement in the Odebrecht case: criminal association, transactions involving illegally-sourced funds, and bribery.

After Lozoya was charged, a judge issued an arrest warrant against the former Pemex official on July 4, as well as his wife, Marielle Helene Eckes; his sister, Gilda Lozoya, and Nelly Maritza Aguilera Concha.

The Attorney General's Office states that Lozoya's wife acquired a home in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, and paid Aguilera Concha USD $1,900,000; the sum is allegedly a bribe businessman Alonso Ancira paid Lozoya.

Lozoya filed a writ of amparo against this arrest warrant. The Amparo Judge gave the other judge 48 hours to explain why he issued the arrest warrant.

Currently, Lozoya has a provisional suspension against this arrest warrant.


In regards to the Agronitrogenados case, Lozoya's lawyer claims that he filed 14 proofs in favor of his client before the Mexico City judge.

The lawyer explained that AHMSA, owned by Alonso Ancira, hired Lozoya's company to carry out technical and financial studies because AHMSA intended to participate in a tender for the construction of the Interurban Train.

The lawyer also presented two contracts signed, on March and October 2012, by Luis Zamudio Miechielsen, the general director at AHMSA and Emilio Lozoya.

Furthermore, the lawyer presented a presidential agreement, where former President Enrique Peña Nieto acknowledged the purchase of the Agronitrogenados fertilizer plant.


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