NFL players bail out immigrant activist

Bello is a farmer and could not afford to pay his bail

NFL players bail out immigrant activist detained by ICE
Joshua Norman and Demario Davis- Photo: Taken from the NFL's Twitter account
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Joshua Norman from the Washington Redskins and Demario Davis from the New Orleans Saints paid an immigrant activist's bail, who had been detained by ICE for three months.

José Bello was arrested by ICE after reading his poem titled “Dear America” during a public forum in Kern County, in regards to the impact of California's sanctuary laws. The poem denounced measures such as family separation at the border. His bail was set at USD $50,000.

Bello is a farmer and could not afford to pay his bail but then Norman and Davis stepped in and paid the bail, in collaboration with The New York Immigrant Freedom Fund and the National Bail Fund Network.

After Bello's case went viral, Demario Davis said that “For 87 days we kept a man from his freedom & family for reciting a poem. Yesterday he was able to post bail. This dehumanizing, psychological torture needs to stop. And we can stop it.”

Joshua Norman said “#DearAmerica, We’ve witnessed a lot these past few years. Yesterday was another example of that, where I saw the price tag on freedom. When I helped to post a $50,000 bond for a young man detained 87 days for exercising his 1st Amendment right of free speech...”


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