20 | SEP | 2019
New secrets about AMLO will be revealed
Mexico's General National Archive - Photo: Alma Rodríguez Ayala/EL UNIVERSAL

New secrets about AMLO will be revealed

Mexico City
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New secrets about AMLO will be revealed

We've been told that the directors of the General National Archive want to be at peace and enjoy the long weekend. It was announced that a new file about President López Obrador, from the 70s and 80s, would be released today. It was ready since early March but after a delay, the secret file will be released today. We've been told that authorities from the National Archive don't want to disobey the instruction given by the President to release all the secret files, compiled by the now-defunct Mexican intelligence agency. So today we will know more details about President when he worked at the National Indigenous Institute and was the PRI leader in the state of Tabasco.

PRI fights for the education reform

It turns out that PRI members in the lower chamber are working and researching in order to present legal and historical reasons to explain why President López Obrador can't simply abolish the education reform, which was implemented by the former administration. It turns out that besides the reasons presented by the PRI, it is prohibited in the 49th article in the Constitution, in case it was one of the exceptions mentioned in the 29th and 131st articles, the decisions would have to be analyzed by the Supreme Court. So this will be no easy task for the President, he might have to find another way.

Austerity won

A group of electoral counselors from Mexico City accused the INE of not paying them their 2017 and 2018 Christmas bonus but the Electoral Tribunal ruled that there is no work relationship between them and the INE. They are paid monthly, to attend sessions at least once a month, since it is a temporary position and they will be at the job only during the election year, therefore, they are not entitled to vacations, vacation bonus, and Christmas bonus. Austerity won.

The Electoral Tribunal joins the meme trend

We've been told that the Electoral Tribunal joined the social media trend and used the popular hashtag #SeTeníaQueDecirYseDijo, and used it to clarify that since 1996 it is no longer the Trife, as it was incorporated to the Judicial branch. Very clever but the meme will probably won't go viral.


Mexican government spied Queen Elizabeth and Nobel Laureates

President López Obrador announced that Mexico's secret service, the CISEN, would disappear and that all its files would be made public
Mexican government spied Queen Elizabeth and Nobel Laureates Mexican government spied Queen Elizabeth and Nobel Laureates


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