Morena rejects the President's proposal

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Morena rejects the President's proposal
Morena has challenged the President's decision in recent weeks - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena rejects the President's proposal

We've been told that the three contenders to become the next anti-corruption attorney, proposed by President López Obrador, didn't please the majority of Morena, the ruling party. We've been told they're getting ready to reject the proposals. It turns out that lawmakers consider that the contenders don't belong to the current administration, and seem more like they were proposed by the PRI or PAN. This rejection would block Eber Betanzos Torres, Alfonso Pérez Daza, and Natalia Téllez Torres, and with this, the creation of the National Anti-Corruption System would be delayed. This is not the first time that Morena lawmakers challenge the President.

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Bonilla meets with the Chinese ambassador

One month after he took office as governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla is looking to strengthen his international relationships. Bonilla met with the Chinese ambassador in Mexico, Zhu Qingqiao, now that China and the U.S. are going through a commercial war. Will the U.S. notice how close this encounter was to its border? Considering that Tijuana is linked socially and commercially with the U.S.

Is Jaime Bonilla the one? 

The Foreign Ministry's priorities

In the Foreign Affairs Ministry, there are other worries besides Trump's incendiary statements or political instability in Latin America. The proof is that the Social Communication Department, led by Roberto Velasco, has announced that every document should be written in wither Montserrat Bold or Regular. So from now on, we'll be going over the font used in the official documents issued by the Foreign Ministry.

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Who is afraid of Santiago Nieto?

The so-called Ending Point Law, announced by President López Obrador a year ago, has yet to arrive. It has called the attention of PRI senators, especially when Santiago Nieto announced an investigation. It is no coincidence that every time Morena wants to approve a controversial issue in Congress, the PRI always votes in favor.

The PRI and PRD are on a comatose state


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