Morena lawmaker turns against AMLO

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Morena lawmaker turns against AMLO
President López Obrador presented a new plan for the Infonavit - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena lawmaker turns against AMLO

We've been told that it seems like in the lower chamber, a Morena member doesn't agree with the administration's housing policy. Only a few hours after President López Obrador and the head of the Infonavit, Carlos Martínez, announced a plan to rescue those in debt, Alejandro Carvajal Hidalgo, a federal deputy, did what some would consider as a low blow to the Institute's law. We've been told that with 17 votes in favor and 11 against it, in his commission, the lawmaker promoted a reform to the 37th article that affects the Infonavit directly, by opening the door so that the resources of the housing sub-loan are indefeasible. We've been told that during a meeting in the commission, deputies warned that the reform would present an imbalance in the institute's finances, a strategy that goes against what was proposed by the President and his team. Now, we will see if Morena members in San Lázaro will support the President or the deputy, who has always been questioned and accused of negotiating with Antorcha Campesina.

The PAN fears the Morena tsunami

The alarm is on at the PAN, as it was revealed in EL UNIVERSAL's latest survey because they don't only have problems for the incoming Puebla election, which will take place after the Governor Martha Érika Alonso died in a plane crash. And now that the elections in Baja California are taking place soon but now that Francisco Kiko Vega's term is coming to an end, the odds are not in the PAN's favor. We've been told that there's worry at the party because the best candidate in the PAN is Óscar Vega Marín, who is way behind Morena's possible candidate, Jaime Bonilla. Among PAN members, they say that if they don't use all the power in these two elections, the Morena tsunami will take over again.

The PRI's not so brilliant ideas

We've been told that PRI members, led by Claudia Ruiz Massieu, don't know what to say in order to gain votes. Now they came up with the idea of a social program called “I'm going to the PRI”, with which they hope to bring legal counsel, workshops, and medical service for the inhabitants of communities with high-marginalization rates. The problem is that that's the 4th Transformation's clientele, but they also give them money. So the only hope they have left is that the 4th Transformation doesn't fulfill the beneficiaries' expectations so that they can find a loophole and fight to gain those voters. Things aren't looking easy for the PRI.

IMSS, good and bad news

We've been told that the National Health Plan will be presented in the incoming weeks and the IMSS director, Germán Martínez Cázares, is proud of the institute's contribution. The program presented is called “IMSS Bienestar” will be a public policy contribution during this presidency. Although not everything is positive, as we've been told that after the staff cuts in the sector, the workers are suffering and the beneficiaries have suffered the consequences because there are no doctors and nurses, and there are complaints about the lack of personnel for specialized treatments such as hemodialysis. There is good and bad news at the IMSS these days.


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