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Morena builds a strong alliance
The parties will get together to try and maintain its majority in the lower chamber - Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS

Morena builds a strong alliance

Mexico City
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Morena builds an alliance

We’ve been told that the alliance formed by Morena, PT, and PES during the 2018 elections and which gave President Andrés Manuel López Obrador his triumph, will repeat in the incoming 2021 elections. We’ve been told that once the PES registers as a political party after losing it and becoming the Solitary Encounter Party (PES), the three parties will get together to try and maintain its majority in the lower chamber.

López Obrador vs. Morena

Why did Medina Mora resign?

The “mystery” behind why Eduardo Medina Mora resigned from the Supreme Court is a file, somewhere in the President’s office. This was stated by the National Transparency Institute (Inai) that went unnoticed in late 2019. Let’s not forget that nothing was said in regard to the resignation, which took place while his personal finances were being investigated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) after it founds suspicious transfers. Now, the Inai considers that reasons behind the resignation are relevant, the resolution will be made public soon but we’ll see if the President opens Medina Mora’s file.

Medina Mora: lack of transparency, money laundering & illicit enrichment

Bad news for Gonzalo Méndez

We’ve been told that one of the sector leaders who has managed to cut all his dialogue channels with the federal government and business leaders is the president of the National Development and Housing Promotion Industry Chamber (Canadevi), Gonzalo Méndez Dávalos. Méndez Dávalos started his leadership with a tumble because last year, he invited the head of the Sedaru, the Nuevo León governor, and the head of the Infonavit, the CTM leader, the head of the Coparmex, the head of the Concamin, and the 32 local delegates to his inauguration. On the day of the event, he announced he would not take office and it would be postponed until he was closer to President López Obrador, at the National Palace. The thing is he was appointed in April and took office in September but President López Obrador wasn’t present. Now that Gonzalo Méndez wants to be reelected in March, we’ve been told this will be no easy task.

Businessmen urge the government to fight insecurity in Mexico

Electronic ballots are here to stay

We’ve been told that the National Electoral Institute (INE), led by Lorenzo Córdova, is getting ready to use electronic ballots for the first time, in the Governor elections in Hidalgo and Coahuila this year. Nevertheless, it is possible that before implementing them in an electoral process, these ballots are used in a free trial, as the PRD plans elect its new national leader in February, before the elections. We’ve been told that the PRD itself offered to use them, especially since it would result in savings for the party. So the PRD could be the INE’s guinea pig.

Mexico's efficient electoral system


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