Mexico: An incongruous austerity

The current government has embraced austerity as its banner

Mexico: An incongruous austerity
Many bureaucrats still have many privileges while there are shortages in other areas - Photo: Edgard Garrido/REUTERS
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In November 2019, the federal government organized a parade and a representation of the Mexican Revolution and in January 2020 it spent over MXN $10 million to celebrate Three Kings Day in 13 government departments including ministries, hospitals, security bodies, electoral institutions, and the Supreme Court.

These millions were mainly used to purchase food such as Three Kings Cake and hamburgers, as well as toys, Moreover, the money was used to pay for different services and shows, such as a private circus show for the workers of the Finance Ministry; however, the circus was hired without following the rules that dictate that large expenses must be up for contest.

Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisis

Furthermore, the most notable case is the Federal Police. This institution gave its workers with small children a special bonus, which amounted to over MXN $6 million. Another case was registered in the Supreme Court, which gave cash to its trade union since it is forced to provide a bonus during celebrations.

For a government that has embraced austerity as its banner, this measure should apply to everyone; nevertheless, there are many privileges bureaucrats have maintained, for example, the Benito Juárez of Oaxaca Autonomous University’s trade union demanded that the state government purchases land, builds homes, and gives them to them on the contrary, they will start a strike.

11 crisis in health sector due to austerity measures 

This shows that many bureaucrats still have many privileges while there are shortages in other areas, which as justified by the fight against corruption and republican austerity. When there are protests for the lack of products or shortages, the government insists that it is a resistance against change, the defense of obscure interests, or the resistance against corruption networks. The government should be more consistent.


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