Mexican student creates self-regenerating rubber pavement

Israel Antonio Briseño designed a pavement made from rubber tires that self-regenerates when water makes contact with the floor

Mexican student creates self-regenerating rubber pavement
English 19/10/2019 12:33 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 12:33
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Israel Antonio Briseño, Civil Engineer by the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UadeC), developed a material that allows building highways that self-repair at the contact of water.

From vehicle tires, he created a rubber base that works as a floor and that can seal gaps that generate on the surface. For his invention, he won first place in the James Dyson-Mexico competition, focused on stimulating the creation of new designs.

“The project is inspired in solving the harm caused by rainfall to the pavement. Hence, when water makes contact with the floor, a chemical reaction is created and the floor is self-maintained,” informed the British foundation James Dyson.

According to Israel Briseño, the prototype, called Paflec (Autoregenerative Rubber Pavement), has already been tested in the laboratory and has had great efficiency in the repairing or closing of gaps, however, some procedures are still needed so that it can be used in the streets.

“This invention is the reformulation of my original project, for I first considered asphalt and other additives, but when I saw the possibility of using rubber tires that pollute our cities, I decided to improve my project,” explained Briseño for the James Dyson foundation.

Briseño highlighted that although there are already self-regenerating pavements, his prototype is original since “none uses water as a means of regeneration and much less are they made from tires, while in Mexico, 80% of the pavement is asphalt and 20% hydraulic concrete continues with that low-use monotony.”

He asserted that his next step is to certify his invention with the National Organism of Normalization and Certification of Constructions and Buildings so that they determine the use of his pavement.

As the winner of James Dyson-Mexico, Israel Antonio Briseño will be able to attend the international final competition of the prize and, in case of winning, he would win up to MXN $780,000.

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