Mexican navy seizes 2 tons of cocaine in Acapulco

The crew fled the scene when authorities approached them

Mexican navy seizes 2 tons of cocaine in Acapulco
Authorities indicate the fuel was used to supply the ships used for drug trafficking - Photo: Taken from the SEMAR’s Twitter account
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The Mexican Navy (Semar) announced it seized drugs and fuel, which was transported on a ship in Acapulco, Guerrero. The ship was operated by four crew members, who fled the scene.

The navy explained that when the criminals were taken by surprise, they pushed 112 packages into the sea, as well as 19 containers full of fuel into the sea. Authorities indicate the fuel was used to supply the ships used for drug trafficking

Authorities suspected the packages contained cocaine.

The seized goods were taken to the prosecutor’s office in Acapulco. Authorities have launched an investigation. 

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Authorities seize crystal meth 

Mexico’s National Guard seized over 30 kilos of crystal meth worth MXN 8 million.

Authorities seized the drugs in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and arrested the two people transporting the crystal meth

Security forces found the drugs while patrolling a road when they stopped a car and found a secret compartment that contained the drugs.

The two suspects remain under custody. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has launched an investigation.

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Mexico seized tons of meth, marijuana, fentanyl, and cocaine in Tijuana

On June 5, Mexican soldiers seized a large number of drugs at a house in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California including about over two tons of methamphetamine, eight tons of marijuana, and 131,500 pills containing the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Mexico’s Defense Ministry (SEDENA) said that the haul included about 89 kilograms of cocaine. No arrests were reported.

The drugs, some packed into plastic containers and neatly packed into cardboard boxes, appeared to be destined for export to the United States. Such multi-drug shipments have become common in the cross-border drug trade.

Mexican authorities said the drugs were worth around MXN 743,116,985.

Through a statement, SEDENA said it seized some 7,802.332 kg of a dry plant with the characteristics of marijuana, as well as 2,035.490 kg of a granulated substance similar to methamphetamine.

Also, they seized some 86,990 kg of a white powder that corresponds to the characteristics of cocaine; 131,560 fentanyl pills that weight 14.340 kg; 4 vehicles, and one property.

SEDENA added that the drugs and the property were made available to the corresponding authorities.


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