Mexican legislators can be reelected

A reform to allow reelection was approved in 2014

Mexican legislators can be reelected
In Mexico, reelection was banned for 80 years - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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The reelection of public servants was banned for 80 years; however, it is now possible after a reform approved in 2014. Politicians started a discussion to implement internal rules for the reelection process, as well as to study all the circumstances and legal voids that could come up before, during, and after the transition process.

It’s necessary to explain only legislators will be up for reelection, in contrast with the President and governors. According to the 2014 reform, Mexican senators can reelect themselves up to 4 times in a row.

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In theory, the reform is based on the U.S. reelection process, so that legislators continue with their work and are held accountable, as well as establishing a better relationship with voters and the professionalization of the legislative career.

However, Morena lawmakers are facing a dilemma since the party banned reelection even when the law allows it; therefore, those who wish to stay at their position for longer can request a protective measure and be reelected.

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In regards to voters, Mexican society has to become more involved in politics and be aware of who is their representative, which party do they belong to, their career, the initiatives they have proposed, among many other things. On the other hand, political parties have to make sure legislators don’t dismiss their responsibilities while they’re in campaign and should also establish clear rules for the process.

Moreover, some minority parties in Congress fear that when their legislators are in campaign and absent from work, ruling party Morena could approve bills that might have not received as much support. Therefore, clear rules are needed.

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