Mexican authorities rescue two tigers & exotic birds in Tamaulipas

During the operation, Tamaulipas authorities also seized 46 luxury vehicles

Mexican authorities rescue two tigers & exotic birds in Tamaulipas
Criminals and cartel bosses often keep exotic animals as pets - Photo: Feature photography
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Tamaulipas authorities seized 46 luxury vehicles, two tigers, and exotic birds located in a property in Matamoros. It is unclear which criminal group owns the property.

Photo: Feature photography

Photo: Feature photography

The local Attorney General’s Office is now in charge of investigating the case. 
On September 25, special agents seized 17 luxury vehicles located in two properties in Matamoros. According to reports, the facilities were used for illicit activities.
When Mexican authorities seize luxury cars and properties from criminals, they often auction them and use profits to fund social programs. Sometimes they turn the vehicles into police cars. 

Days ago, EL UNIVERSAL reported security forces rescued a tiger and a crocodile that were kept in a house located in Tlalchapa, in the Tierra Caliente region. Authorities also seized drugs and weapons at the property that allegedly belongs to a drug cartel known as “La Familia Michoacana.”
In a statement, local authorities informed the state police, the National Guard, the army, and agents from the local prosecutor’s office rescued the 8-month-old tiger that was kept in a cage.
Authorities took the tiger and crocodile to a local zoo for safekeeping.
Drug traffickers and their families often keep tigers and other animals as pets in Mexico.
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Guerrero state police and soldiers also found a metal structure meant to hold a machine gun in the back of a pickup truck. Nearby they found a T-shirt with the name of “La Familia Michoacana” drug cartel and “Brothers Hurtado,” a local offshoot led by Johny and José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga.
In recent weeks, an unidentified woman came under fire after she took a tiger cub on a walk at a Mexico City mall.


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