MC might take Noé Castañón under its wing

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MC might take Noé Castañón under its wing
Female Senators protest against Castañón Ramírez; he was accused of domestic violence - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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MC might take Noé Castañón under its wing
Noé Castañón Ramírez, a Chiapas' Senator, was the protagonist of a domestic violence scandal and has been marked by the accusations, which have affected his activities in the Senate. Some of his colleagues say that Noé Castañón walks through the building all alone and he even looks like a zombie. After being accused of domestic violence, he quit the PRI. Since he took office 3 months ago, it was said he would join the Movimiento Ciudadano party (MC), led by Dante Delgado, and now we've been told that it's quite possible that this will take place once the sessions begin. Is it going to be beneficial for MC to help Catañón carry the burden?

Gustavo Madero's ungrateful sons
The PAN Senator, Gustavo Madero, could say that he had ungrateful children inside politics. We've been told that none of his pupils appointed him as parliamentary coordinator, nor Ricardo Anaya nor Marko Cortés, as Cortés just appointed Mauricio Kuri. We've been told that Anaya pushed for Madero to become the parliamentary coordinator, Cortés decided to appoint Kuri. Now, we will see how Kuri works and if he leads a strong opposition or if he treats Morena with docility. Raise crows and the will push you away from the parliamentary coordination.

The presidential aircraft hangar looks brand new
The presidential aircraft hangar has been cleaned and scrubbed. We've been told that although it is no longer used by the current administration, it was cleaned for the arrival of the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. Nevertheless, not everything was fancy during the Prime Minister's visit. The Spanish politician had to travel in the President's famous white Jetta.

AMLO to the rescue
President López Obrador is organizing a visit for Veracruz. We've been told the President will visit Veracruz for three days. We've been told that the President wants to thank people from Veracruz for their support during the presidential campaign, as it was one of the places where he obtained the most votes during the election. The visit also looks to strengthen the Governor, Cuitláhuac García, as insecurity hasn't decreased and fuel theft is taking place.


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