Manny Robles, the coach behind Andy Ruiz’s success

Manny Robles saw the potential of Andy Ruiz from the beginning of his boxing career

Manny Robles, the coach behind Andy Ruiz’s success
Andy Ruiz during his fight with Anthony Joshua (left) – Photo: Andrew Couldridge/REUTERS / Manny Robles, Ruiz’s coach – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Manny Robles’ job does not stop. Even though Andy Ruiz (33-1-0) is not on the ring, the coach takes care of his pupil on the way to the rematch against Anthony Joshua (22-1-0) next December.

This is not an easy job for Robles, who was an illegal migrant, worked as a dishwasher and is now behind the success of Ruiz, the first boxer of Mexican descent to win a heavyweight title (MBA, IBF, and WBO).

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“I’m from Jalisco, but I’ve lived in the U.S. since I was 6 years old. I remember that Andy came to me two years ago; after his fight with [Joseph] Parker, his family looked for me to train him, although I have already been watching him since he was an amateur; I knew of his potential; the key was working on his speed.

“The result was seen in the four fights he won,” remembered the coach in interview with EL UNIVERSAL Deportes.


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But Manny is not improvising. His experience to guide promising athletes comes from his father, Manuel “El Chato” Robles.

“My father was an amateur and professional boxer. I wanted to follow his steps but I had problems with my knees and getting medical attention was complicated because we did not have the means nor documents to be in the U.S. I remember that I started earning money cleaning tables, dishes, but I studied, as my father taught me.

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“I didn’t want to abandon boxing, but I couldn’t continue, ‘if your body doesn’t answer, retire,’ that’s what my father told me, and it was painful. I got married and fixed my migration status. In 2007, he passed away, as well as my mother three years later. I continued with the work; I made my road as a coach.

And while the venue for the rematch versus Joshua is established, Robles concluded that “we’re going to show what’s done; I’m not conformist; I also teach not to fall to the excesses of fame. Andy must have his feet firmly on the ground.”

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