Maduro had to leave after lunch

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Maduro had to leave after lunch
Maduro was invited to AMLO's inauguration - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Maduro had to leave after lunch

Ironically, Vicente Fox and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador could have something in common. Fox went down in history as the President who, in order not to make George W. Bush uncomfortable, asked the then Cuban President, Fidel Castro to attend a summit Monterrey, have lunch, and leave. Yesterday, a happy “coincidence” took place: Venezuela's President, Nicolás Maduro, whose presence at the presidential inauguration could have sparked off a scandal in Congress, couldn't make it to San Lázaro and only attended the lunch in Palacio Nacional. Two questions: Do happy coincidences exist in politics? Did someone told Maduro “you arrive late, eat, and leave”?

Good luck Mr. President

Presidents, the outgoing and incoming, closed a smooth transition period yesterday. Both, they explain, met the expectations. The outgoing President, Enrique Peña Nieto, stayed and listened to everything López Obrador had to say about neoliberalism, the reforms carried out by Peña, and corruption, but he never pointed at Peña, in contrast with his criticism towards former Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón. Already wearing the presidential sash, President López Obrador started his first speech by thanking and recognizing Peña Nieto, especially for not intervening on the July election. In the end, there was a handshake and good wishes from Peña Nieto, who called him “Mr. President.

Puebla, the case will be solved this week

The resolution of the Puebla election is still pending. We've been told that the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal, led by Janine Otálora, haven't solved Morena's contestation, the party is seeking the annulment of the election because they were waiting for Andrés Manuel López Obrador to take office. The thing is they didn't want the verdict to be interpreted as a wrongful intervention from the previous administration, in any case: the annulment or the confirmation of Martha Érika Alonso's triumph. Now, the dilemma is that the magistrates must solve the case, possibly next Wednesday, and they will do it at the start of the new administration. Will this be a factor for the magistrates?

A storm is coming for certain institutions

We've been told that, in a clear way, justice authorities and autonomous organisms, those in charge of solving legal conflicts, are perceiving a sort of hostile environment from the new political majority. At the Supreme Court, the Electoral Tribunal, and the National Electoral Institute have noticed of a forecast that foresees a storm for politics in Mexico and the world. It's just a matter of checking the recent messages and declarations made by the outgoing magistrate, José Ramón Cossío; the magistrate José Luis Vargas, and the INE counselor, Lorenzo Córdova. Will the justice institutions have to shelter?


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