López Obrador was right all along

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López Obrador was right all along
The TV series never aired - Photo: Ginnette Riquelme/REUTERS
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López Obrador was right all along

On June 2018, then President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador tweeted that a TV series was created to attack him, Populism in Latin America, was orchestrated by Alejandro Quintero, who he said was a former employee of Carlos Salinas and Peña Nieto's employee while he was still in office. López Obrador even said that that the production cost around MXN $100 million. Thirteen months later, it turns out that the now President was right. Last Friday, the Electoral Tribunal sanctioned Virna Gómez Piña and her husband with an MXN $700,000 fine. Officially, they are the creators of the series but it turns out that Virna Gómez has worked for Quintero for years. We've been told that the Electoral Tribunal has ordered the investigation of Quintero's investment in the series because the Finance Ministry's Financial Intelligence Unit and the INE's Audit Unit found million-pesos transactions. Now, for the President to be 100% right, authorities would have to find proofs that the two former Presidents were involved in the creation or in the making of the series.

Will the government make peace with pharmaceutical companies?

We've been told that the government is ready to negotiate medicines and vaccines' prices and that pharmaceutical companies are hoping to reach an agreement so that everyone is happy. We've been told that it's a fact that the Finance and Health ministries have become more flexible during this acquisition process that will take place through direct awarding. We've been told that since the call was made for the market research, the government made the distribution issue clear and even asked pharmaceutical companies to state whether or not they have the amount of medicines needed for the second semester of 2019 and in case they don't have it, they can still participate with their available stock. So will the government achieve a less chaotic acquisition? Will the government forgive certain pharmaceutical companies?

The EZLN ignores the President

President López Obrador sent two messages to the EZLN to overcome the ideological differences, stop fighting, and work for unity. The first message was sent on Saturday, while the President was in Guadalupe Tepeyac, in Las Margaritas, the place of origin of the revolutionary movement that started in 1994. The second message was issued yesterday. Through his Twitter account, the President shared a picture of him and the Subcomandante Marcos from 1994. Nevertheless, the Zapatistas have opposed López Obrador since 2006 and seemed to ignore the President's message. We've been told that what the President wants is support for the Mayan Train.

The Culture Ministry is in trouble

We've been told that as a result of austerity, some museums that belong to the Culture Ministry didn't have internet access for a few days. No one knows if it was because of a lack of payments or because they changed to a different company. We've been told that in the face of this inefficiencies, senators from the Culture Commission will meet with the Culture Minister, Alejandra Frausto so that she explains the cuts implemented and the problems the ministry has faced in the last 7 months.


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