Laura Rojas will have a rough day

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Laura Rojas will have a rough day
Laura Rojas was at the President's news conference for the first time - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Laura Rojas will have a rough day

Lawmaker Laura Rojas, the head of the lower chamber, will have a busy schedule after being invited to President López Obrador's daily news conference for the first time on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Later today, she will attend a burial ceremony and meet with the head of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, to issue a statement in regards to gender violence. Nevertheless, there is a pending issue since she was one of the main opposers against the cancellation of the daycare programs, an action that was deemed as detrimental for women.

Mexican lawmakers vote to end presidential immunity

An embarrassing mistake

Morena lawmakers and its allies were in a hurry to approve the 2020 budget and forgot to delete the names of the officials from the Finance Ministry who were involved in the project, even when only lawmakers can modify it. Mariana Rodríguez Mier y Terán, PRI, found the mistake and told lawmakers that the Finance Ministry created the 2020 budget. And in fact, at least 5 names of officials from the Finance Ministry appear on the Excel file.

Mexico unveils its 2020 budget

PRD members want to be the most communist

We've been told that PRD members feel like the federal government robbed them of the opportunity to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Communist Party because they had previously announced some activities to celebrate the party that led to the creation of the PRD. On Friday, López Obrador's government announced that it will bury the remains of Valentín Campa Salazar and Arnoldo Martínez Verdugo at the Roundabout of Distinguished Persons. Meanwhile, the PRD says that while López Obrador (1996-1999) was the PRD president, Martínez Verdugo was excluded from leading the party. Are they more “communist” than the President?

Did you know López Obrador had dealings with the communist party?

HIV patients will protest

We've been told that NGOs that support HIV patients will protest this week because they don't think that the resources allocated for their attention in the 2020 budget. We've been told that although the lower chamber increased the amount, patients don't think it's enough to guarantee their access to drugs and are afraid that there will be another shortage in 2020. It is expected that the protest outside the Health Ministry, IMSS, and ISSSTE.

90% of Mexican women with HIV got it from stable partners


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