's 2020 budge t is focused on helping the poor .

The resources allocated to eradicate poverty reached MXN $470, 626 million for 2020; this sum represents 41% of the total budget allocated for welfare and its aim is to reduce the risk and social and economic vulnerability .

Many of these programs proposed for 2020 are new or will substitute others, nevertheless, the programs that maintain the names will receive more resources in 2020 . For example, three programs launched by the Well-being Ministry and four programs launched by the Education Ministry will receive MXN $192,800 million in 2020; this sum is 33% higher than the MXN $145,000 million approved in 2019.

The three programs launched by the Well-being Ministry i ncludes MXN $126.7 million for pensions for the elderly , which will benefit 6.8 million people.


On the other hand, the budget fo r Sowing Life , a program that aims to spark rural development , will increase by 25% and reach MXN $18,700 million in 2020.

The pensions program for people with disabilities will be increased by 66% and will reach MXN $11,600 million in 2020.


For 2020 , the Education Ministry will continue with the operation of the Benito Juárez García Universities in its 79 locations; and will continue to provide 2.5 million scholarships for high school students and 324,000 scholarship s for the youth who are part of the Youth Building the Future program, as well as the program to rebuild schools , eradicate education lagging , and aid people in extreme poverty with MXN $23, 400 million for 2020.

The resources allocated to eradicate poverty will be distributed in 25 programs and trusts launched by different ministries such as the Well-being, Education, Health, Agriculture, Communications and Transports, Agraria n, Territorial , and Urban Development Ministries , as well as the National Institute of the Indigenous Communities.

Health, Agriculture & Rural Development

The Health Ministry will receive MXN $79,900 million . The resources will be allocated to provide healthcare to marginalized communities through the Seguro Popular .

In order to ensure food self-sufficiency and rescue agriculture , the rural development and agriculture sectors will receive MXN $12,200 million .

Official numbers

from 2018 indicate that there are 52.4 million people living in poverty in Mexico and 9.3 million in extreme poverty.


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