Is Jaime Bonilla the one?

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Is Jaime Bonilla the one?
Jaime Bonilla has been close to the President for years - Photo: Lucía Godinez/EL UNIVERSAL
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Is Jaime Bonilla the one?

We've been told that the President's meeting with businessman Jaime Bonilla yesterday made it clear that he is his favorite person to be Morena's candidate to Baja California. The President met with the candidates from Morena to the state government. Bonilla has operated in the north on the country, they have also traveled to the U.S. to attend baseball games, and some Morena members say that although the President received complaints against Bonilla, they foresee there will be a lot of support for him. We've been told that everything indicates that the President has already chosen his player for the Baja California state election.

Opposition blocks Monreal

In the Senate, Ricardo Monreal is looking for votes to approve the revocation of mandate, so that this exercise is implemented during the 2021 election for the first time. We've been told that the PAN, PRI, MC, and PRD are still refusing to approve the proposal. We've been told that the opposition has told Monreal they would gladly approve it if it was implemented on a different date, not on the 2021 election. This situation has become a political conviction among the opposition, therefore, Monreal is expected to buy more time, hoping that the opposition gives in and grants Morena the 9 votes it needs.

Mexico and Cuba reach agreement

After a huge number of undocumented Cubans are arriving in Mexico, Mexican authorities have reached an agreement with the Cuban consulate in Mexico, so that it recognizes their nationality so they can be deported. We've been told that migration policy with Cuba is quite different from the one that exists with other countries and if Cuban authorities don't recognize their citizens, they can't be deported and are allowed to stay for up to 90 days. But nowadays, a large number of Cuban citizens are entering Mexico and facing extortion and kidnaps, as EL UNIVERSAL documented.

León heads to The Washington Post

The renown Mexican journalist, León Krauze, who writes for EL UNIVERSAL, was recently named as a collaborator for The Washington Post. León will analyze U.S. foreign policy, Latin America, and issues related to the Latin American communities in the U.S. Krauze will write for this renown newspaper after 20 years in the industry. You will be able to read his contributions to EL UNIVERSAL every Monday. Congratulations León.


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