A historic election and AMLO

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A historic election and AMLO
People celebrating Obrador's victory in Mexico City – Photo: Iván Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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A historic election and AMLO

We all knew this was going to be a historic election. For its size, for its mobilization, for the new formats of the debates, for the participation of independent candidates and several other reasons, including the high level of violence against politicians, this election was already described as historic but it had one more surprise in store. Five minutes after polling stations closed, the candidate of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), José Antonio Meade, came out and acknowledged the victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) without fuss. A little bit later, the candidate of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya, did the same thing and even said that he had already spoken with Obrador over the phone. Afterward, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón did the same thing and congratulated the winner. Thus, it seems, all the versions of a rocky election were dispelled yesterday after 8:00 pm. Historic, without a doubt.

Cordero among PRI members

Just one day after he was expelled from the National Action Party (PAN), Ernesto Cordero had dinner yesterday at the house of Dionisio Meade, where the candidate of the coalition “All for Mexico”, José Antonio Meade, ate surrounded by his closest co-workers and friends. Upon his arrival, Ernesto Cordero picked up his pace to go inside the house and said he was just there to see his friend and brother. The other one who also arrived here was the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, José Antonio González Anaya, who on his way out took the Anotnio Meade to the national headquarters of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). And the one who didn't even make it was the campaign coordinator, Aurelio Nuño. Attendances and absences which speak volumes.

Goodbye to Mexico's Attorney General and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

The balance of the forces we can see yesterday after the election, in which the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) may become the political party with the most strength in the Congress, tells us that quite surely will have an impact on the idea of the members of the PRI at the Upper Chamber to open an extraordinary period to approve the appointments of both, the Mexico's Attorney General, and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The leaders of MORENA, a party who is currently a minority in the Legislative Branch, have warned that they have nothing to discuss during the extraordinary period of July or August when in September they take the lead. This, according to our sources, will be one of the first manifestations of the loss of power of the PRI ruling.

A poltergeist in the INE

A poltergeist made its presence known yesterday at the National Electoral Institute (INE). A mysterious audio was heard when the representative of the PRI, Emilio Suárez Licona, began to speak about the Trust for the Others, opened by MORENA. The PRI has given signs of the opposition role it will eventually have to play, as it urged the INE not to lose its prestige and “sit” on the investigation of the case. Soon they will have the answers since this Tuesday the Auditing Commission expects to hold a meeting to resolve the matter, and at least three councilors were against it and proposed to leave matters for next week.


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