AMLO's first day as President

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AMLO's first day as President
AMLO's agenda seems to be full already - Photo: Lucía Godinez7EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO's first day as President

We're told that Andrés Manuel López Obrador has scheduled activities for his first day as President, on December 1. After the republican act in Congress, where Deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo will place the presidential band on him, AMLO will head to the Zócalo to give a message to Mexicans that supported him with their votes on the July election. Later, we're told exclusively, that he will travel to the south of Veracruz to hold activities in public spaces. Starting on December 3, AMLO will begin holding morning meetings with the security cabinet to define the situation and start actions against the phenomenon that worries Mexicans the most: the excessive violence created by criminal groups. The presidential agenda is already being arranged, we're told.

Blue Governors fight for the PAN

The internal division in the PAN, caused by the battle for the party's presidency, has reached the blue governors. They explain that the governors are openly taking part in the dispute for the leadership: nine out of 12 and Yucatán's elected Governor, Mauricio Vila, support the formula formed by the former Senator, Héctor Larios and the former Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle. In the following hours, Chihuahua's Governor, Javier Corral, and the former governors, Fernando Canales Clariond, Marcelo de los Santos, Francisco Barrio, Carlos Medina Plascencia, will accompany Manuel Gómez Morín Martínez del Río to announce his desire to compete for the PAN's leadership. Meanwhile, Marko Cortés, who is identified as Anaya's favorite, is supported by Baja California's Governor, Francisco Vega, and Guanajuato's elected Governor, Diego Sinhué.

Meade, life after the candidacy

After the campaign, there's life, at least that what the former presidential candidate, José Antonio Meade, is showing. Mr. Pepe Toño, what his friends call him, attended a play at the Centro Cultural del Bosque last Sunday. The former candidate and former Treasury Secretary seemed very relaxed and happily agreed to take pictures with those who asked. Also, we're told that Meade is working on setting up and accrediting a consulting firm who will advise companies, some of them are big companies. Now, we will have to wait and see if Meade will try his luck in politics again or if he will dedicate himself to private practice.

The hands throwing stones at the UNAM

Yesterday's clash between activists and attackers was branded by some University students as a provocation. They point out that this kind of provocations is the remains of an old game to provoke a tempest. 50 years after the 1968 tragic events, groups of attackers have been activated again, they wear the University's team jerseys, they look to provoke those who, ironically, are protesting criminal violence against students in 2018. This is why the Dean's office, led by Enrique Graue, announced that they will sue the attackers and emphasized their rejection towards this kind of violence


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