AMLO's Bishop Shapes Up

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Labor Party Senator Manuel Bartlett Díaz – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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AMLO's Bishop Shapes Up

Senator of Labor Party (PT) Manuel Bartlett Díaz is in good political shape, for his 81 years, to accompany and become the bishop of the presidential aspirations of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

This former Minister of the Interior – during the administration of Miguel de la Madrid – who causes great stirs with his statements, has left the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), but the doors have opened recently for him at the far-left National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA), headed by Andrés Manuel. According to our sources, Mr. Manuel is also in good physical shape: Saturday morning he was seen at El Sope, a sports area in Chapultepec, where he lightly jogged along the running track. So, in good physical and political shape, Bartlett wants to join the native of Tabasco in his run for president for the upcoming 2018 elections.

The Bet of Barrales

Great confidence shows the national leader of the left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Alejandra Barrales, regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement within the party, in early August, to hold a National Council, and approve the creation of the Wide Democratic Front, which aims to form an alliance for the upcoming presidential elections of 2018. However, according to our sources, party members still have their doubts, specially due to the political and ideological differences bewteen the other organizations, such as the conservative National Action Party (PAN) of Ricardo Anaya, or the far-left National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA) of Andres Manuel López Obrador. Considering this panorama, Mrs. Alejandra is surely very optimistic: she has almost everything ready.

The Cardenas Project for 2018

Slowly and at the margin of the candidates for the Presidency to the Mexican Republic, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano continues with his proposed political work, which he calls “For Mexico Today”, consisting of developing a program in favor of the greatest causes of the country, from a democratic and leftist profile. The method of this former presidential candidate consists of, first, having the project ready, and then placing the candidate in Los Pinos (official residence of the President of Mexico) for 2018. This engineer, we're told, is working jointly with social groups and public figures from different ideologies. They say Mr. Cuautémoc is achieving progress in the promotion of his collective project, outside the spotlight, while the other candidates are motivated mainly by their personal interests.

Summer Holidays for the INE

Amidst political turbulence and low credibility, the electoral counselors of the National Electoral Institute (INE), organization led by Lorenzo Córdova, didn't waste the opportunity and lowered the curtains to go on summer holidays. This Saturday, the arbitrators of the upcoming 2018 elections decided to take two weeks before the official kickoff of the electoral campaigns. As you know, the electoral process begins this September 8, and we're just missing the decision of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch regarding the annulment of the elections held in the State of Coahuila – due to an excess in campaign expenses of both, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate, Miguel Ángel Riquelme, and the conservative National Action Party (PAN) candidate, Guillermo Anaya. Meanwhile, all counselors decided to pack their swimsuits and sun screen.


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