20 | MAR | 2019
Photo: Pedro Villa y Caña / EL UNIVERSAL

Peaceful demonstration of bikers outside Mexico’s National Palace

Mexico City
Pedro Villa y Caña
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Over 120 members of the Bikers Association of Northern State of Mexico demanded the federal government to repeal the recent gasoline hike as they consider it “unfair”

A group of over 120 bikers, from the Bikers Association of Northern State of Mexico, peacefully protest outside Mexico’s National Palace of Government in downtown Mexico City against the recent gasoline hike and demanded the government of president Peña Nieto to repeal the measure as they consider it “unfair”.

A symbolic death was represented with one of the members lying on the ground and covered by signs that read “Peña… traitor”, “PEMEX belongs to the Mexican people” and “Motorists united, always strong”.

“We are here to express our rejection to the violation of the constitutional guarantees caused by the price surge, as well as with the recent events that are taking place in the country. We’ve come to peacefully express our discontentment with this government”, one of the protesters added.

Protesters announced an upcoming collective ride in Mexico City as a measure to peacefully reject the increase to fuel.


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