Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo to invest US$70 million in Yucatan

The investment will allow the Corona bottler to increase production from 5 to 7 million hectoliters at its new plant in Yucatan.

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Grupo Modelo announced it will be investing 1.5 billion pesos (70 million dollars) to increase its production capacity from 5 to 7 million hectoliters at its new Cervecería Yucateca brewery in Yucatan.

Mauricio Leyva, Grupo Modelo's CEO, said that this new investment will allow the plant to produce 40% more than what was originally planned for the plant.

“We're very proud to share that Cervercería Yucateca is nearly ready to be launched and is currently under the product quality certification test phase. In addition, we were able to build the plant in record time,” said the CEO.

Grupo Modelo reiterated its commitment to the state of Yucatan thanks to its political, social and labor stability, as well as the state's reputation for security and its ideal conditions for investment.

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