Jaime (standing), Alejandra and Felipe are the first same-sex family in Mexico. (Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes - Cristopher Rogel Blanquet / EL UNIVERSAL)

The first gay couple to adopt in Mexico

Cristina Pérez-Stadelmann
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Felipe Nájera, an actor, and Jaime Morales, a theater producer, married in 2010 in Mexico City and adopted a girl: Alejandra.

It is a reality. In Mexico there are same-sex families that do not follow a conservative logic and left the stereotypes behind after the recently approved legal reforms in favor of same-sex couples. 

For these families, "reality is more complex, more diverse and goes beyond the traditional structure consisting of a mother, a father and children.

"We face the constant rejection of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, that says that we deprive children from their right to be raised by normal men and women despite the laws that have been approved in the country,” said Felipe Nájera, husband of Jaime Morales and father of Alejandra, who is five years old.

Morales, theater producer, and Nájera, actor, married in 2010 in Mexico City, the first Latin American capital to approve same-sex marriage.

Two years later they went to the Children's Shelter of Mexico City's Attorney General's Office (PGJDF). After a rigorous analysis determined that the couple was eligible to adopt, so they became the first gay couple to adopt a child in Mexico.

"Alejandra was four months old when she arrived home. It was a very safe process for her. The PGJDF strove for finding the best family for her and they insisted that we were assuming a life commitment,” Jaime explained.

He says that even though they have been discriminated by religious institutions, “we have an excellent relationship with the other parents at Alejandra's school: an inclusive and liberal institution where she is accepted as a girl who has two fathers. We have made a great team with the members of the school community."

"As any other parent we try to accompany her in her emotions and growth. This is the battle we want to fight; as activists we can not remain silent to the intolerance of the clergy against LGBTQ individuals. We want the way we chose to become a family to be respected," he added.

Jaime said that it is unacceptable that the Church claims that homosexuals treat children as “pets” because of “their whim to adopt,” as the Archidocese of Mexico said in its editorial "Desde la Fe" in early June. 

The family that they have created with Alejandra shows that the reality is very different to the one conceived by the Church.

"For us Alejandra is not a trophy, neither a flag. They are the ones who promote hate speech," Felipe said.

"They do not know how we live and ignore the rights of homosexuals. Instead of saying that we are an aberration they should promote a healthy and adequate sex life that would prevent children from being available for adoption. Two million children live in the streets, it is a lot,” he added.

"Alejandra knows she had a mother; she knows where and when she was born. We told her when she asked us. We tell her what she wants to know, we do not lie to her but we do not volunteer information that does not correspond to her age,” they explained. The couple relies on a therapist to clarify doubts about her upbringing, “as any other father or mother would do.”

They say Alejandra is not confused. "It is perfectly clear for her who are her parents. Parents are not good or bad because of their sexual orientation, homosexuals are not better parents, neither heterosexuals. This is determined by our education, ethics and environment, not by our sexual preferences," they concluded.


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