Stepfather was the one who sold girl on Facebook

The mother could lose the custody of her children.

(Photo: Taken from Facebook)
English 27/04/2016 00:02 Hilda Fernández / Saltillo, Coahuila Actualizada 00:02
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The person who reportedly sold a minor girl for sexual services on Facebook has been identified as her stepfather, José Hernández, who requested around US$560.00 for "a night of pleasure" with her.


And the plot thickens because he is under investigation for the prostitution of the eight-year-old girl, along the mother and another man, apparently a former lover of the woman.


In the meantime, the girl and three other minors, all of them cousins, are being kept under the protection of the Office of the Attorney for Boys, Girls and Family (PRONNIF) in Saltillo, Coahuila.


"The suspect knew he was committing that crime, even if he denies it as would any other suspect, but the investigation points the other way around," expressed Yezka Garza Ramírez, head of PRONNIF. The suspect, a 23-year-old, even offered his full cooperation with the authorities.


Garza Ramírez added that it's quite possible that the mother of the girl will lose her custody and that of her little step-brother, a two-year-old, and two female cousins, of 10 and 12.


She also pointed out that there's still no evidence of sexual abuse against the girl, but psychological tests are being conducted on her and her relatives.

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