17 | AGO | 2019
Coronel asked the Mexican authorities to respect the human rights of her husband. (Photo: SPECIAL)

The wife of "El Chapo" denies being jealous of Kate del Castillo

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In an interview with Telemundo, Emma Coronel said that her husband was betrayed because he was told that the interview with Sean Penn would only be used to write an article.

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán since 2007, claimed in an interview for a U.S. TV network that she was not aware that her husband was dealing with drugs and that she is not jealous of actress Kate del Castillo .

The 26-year-old former beauty queen is the third wife of 61-year-old Guzmán Loera, and she spoke with the Telemundo network in order to defend her husband, who was recaptured last January after an spectacular escape in July 2015.

In the interview in Spanish, she said that the Mexican authorities are trying to pass her husband as a "monster" and deplored the conditions of his detention in "El Altiplano" maximum security prison in the State of Mexico.

According to Coronel, "El Chapo" is constantly under surveillance. "They are there all day, roll calling him every hour. They do not allow him to sleep and he has no privacy, not even to go to the bathroom".

Both her and the lawyer of "El Chapo," José Refugio Rodríguez Núñez, who also appears in the interview, emphasized that the man presents extremely high blood pressure, a problem neither him or his family has ever had.

She also called on to the National Human Rights Commission to check on the situation, but Coronel said that there has not received a definite answer from them.

They both said to Telemundo that according to the authorities the treatment given to Guzmán Loera is the usual for dangerous criminals.

However, Coronel expressed that her husband is a friendly and polite person, as well as loving and a good father. She added that he is very intelligent and not violent, not fond of expletives and would never act against a woman.

Coronel, who married "El Chapo" after she reached 18, pointed out that she decided to speak to the media "because not everything that has been said is true" and because Guzmán is under a cruel treatment by authorities.

She added that "El Chapo" has not been sentenced or the accusations against him fully sustained. Coronel also said: "I can't be certain that he dealt with drugs."

The interview was conducted at a secret location last February 12, with the presence of her lawyer and the little sister of her husband.

Emma Coronel, who is facing no charges in the United States or Mexico, said that her main concern are her twin daughters and that she tries to raise them in a normal fashion.

She and the twins were with Guzmán Loera when he was arrested in Mazatlán in 2014, in an action that Coronel says was apparently supervised by U.S. agents.

Questioned about the talks between her husband and actress Kate del Castillo, with whom he had a secret meeting when he was a fugitive, in the presence of actor Sean Penn, who later interviewed him for Rolling Stone, she said that she wasn't jealous of her at all.

Coronel added that she admires the actress and complained that the Mexican Government published the conversations. 

She added that her husband was betrayed because he was told that the interview with Sean Penn would only be used to write an article.  

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