Another bicycle rider killed in Mexico City

He was knocked down by a double-trailer truck.

The person died while riding in the Anillo Periférico, the circuit surrounding Mexico City. (Photo: Eduardo Sánchez/EL GRÁFICO)
English 28/11/2015 22:48 Eduardo Hernández and Fanny Ruiz/Mexico City Actualizada 22:48
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Another cyclist died in Mexico City today, this time after being struck by a double trailer truck loaded with department store merchandise in the intersection between Anillo Periférico and Canal de Chaco, east of the metropolis.

According to early reports, a man on his thirties was riding on the low-speed lane when the truck driver changed lanes and caught him between the axles.

Paramedics arrived at the area, but they were unable to provide any help since the man had died of a blow to the head.

Apparently, the rider did not wear the required protection.

The driver tried to escape, but thanks to the security cameras in the city he was identified and arrested.

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