Cuau is officially the new mayor of Cuernavaca

The PSD received the documents validating his victory in the past elections.

The president of the PSD, Eduardo Birdonave Zamora, received the documents. (Archive/EL UNIVERSAL )
English 21/06/2015 23:09 Notimex Actualizada 23:09

The Municipal Electoral Council of Cuernavaca delivered the documents recognizing the victory of former soccer star Cuauntémoc Blanco in the June 7 elections under the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

A bit after 6:00 p.m. counselor president Omar Clemente Juárez Martínez officialized Blanco's victory.

The president of the PSD, Eduardo Birdonave Zamora received the documents along Juan Manuel Hernández Limonchi, substitute of Blanco.