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Nielsen señaló que la Asociación Mexicana de Venta Online (AMVO) alcanzó la meta dada a conocer hace unas semanas de ventas por 11 mil 082 millones de pesos
Mexico aims to limit cash payments and boost digital transactions
The Mexican government will implement new rules that would require all its payments and collections to be processed electronically
Christmas boosts e-commerce sales in Mexico
According to BlackSip Mexico, 61% of expected yearly sales was generated during the Christmas season
The perks and risks of e-commerce growth in Mexico
As of June 2018, e-commerce in Mexico had a value of MXN$233.66 million
Buen Fin, termómetro de economía: expertos
Dólar caro, tasas e inflación afectan decisión de consumidores; incertidumbre y deudas pueden generar cautela en compras
E-commerce shows 5% growth in Mexico
Both the “Z” and “Millennial” generations are boosting the growth of digital economy in Mexico
EnvíoClick, Mexican shipping website arrives to Peru and Chile
EnvíoClick has had such a good response in Colombia where it attracts more clients every day, in a market with a size similar to that of Mexico
How Mexico’s OXXO stores are cashing in on e-commerce
Although 60% of Mexicans don't have bank accounts, OXXO has seized an opportunity for e-commerce growth
Mexican e-commerce industry is on the rise
The main obstacle for e-commerce in Mexico is distrust or fear of fraud
Denuncian nuevo modo de fraude en e-commerce
Estafadores inician con un cargo de 10 pesos en la tarjeta de la víctima para determinar si es válida, alerta Condusef