Will the yellow vests take over Mexico?

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Will the yellow vests take over Mexico?
The organization called for protests against the President today - Photo: Taken from Nosotros SOMOS MÁS+ Facebook page
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Will the yellow vests take over Mexico?

An organization that calls itself “Yellow Vests MX” has called for a “national pacific protest” through WhatsApp. The protest is allegedly taking place this morning in 24 cities throughout Mexico, to protest against President López Obrador, in the wake of his first 100 days as Mexico's President. How many people will attend the protest? Will they be able to replicate the French movement that made Emmanuel Macron sweat? The following fact could be telling: in January, the same group called for protests against fuel shortage...and nothing happened. They haven't had an impact yet.

Everyone wants to know who did the PRI spied on

We've been told that after President López Obrador's order to open the Cisen's archives, the workers of the General Archive have been really busy lately. The employees told EL UNIVERSAL that the workload has increased exponentially. They say that “the visits that we had in three months are now the same we have in three days.” The explain that not only national media outlets want to see the archives and find out who was spied, but also international media outlets have visited the archive.

Will the truce last in Jalisco?

It seems like President López Obrador and Jalisco Governor, Enrique Alfaro, made peace. Yesterday, during the President's visit to Jalisco, both politicians complimented each other and thanked each other. In the midst of cheers and very little booing, the Governor praised the President by saying that it was “an honor to help Mexico's President to rescue the country.” How long will the love last?

Austerity could impact AIDS prevention

We've been told that in organizations dedicated to the prevention and treatment of AIDS are worried about the cancellation of government subsidies. They say that an international protocol many of them are part of is at risk, which is linked to the supply of PrEP, a pre-exposure prophylaxis drug that prevents the disease in people who have not yet been exposed to the virus but that are at risk. In this sense, the risk of canceling the government subsidies is that the pill won't be commercialized in more selling points all over the country, by ending the protocol. This way, the lack of resources wouldn't only impact the non-profit organizations but also the prevention mechanism to prevent the transmission of the virus.


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