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Will the INE obtain the $600 million it requested?
The INE won't receive the resources it requested for 2020 - Photo: Edgar Garrido/REUTERS

Will the INE obtain the $600 million it requested?

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Will the INE obtain the $600 million it requested?

What do the IMSS and the INE have in common? Both of them are ignored by the Finance Ministry. Today, the INE will start its Temporary 2020 Budget Commission with bad news: it hasn't heard from the ministry and their petition to obtain at least MXN $600 million out of the MXN $950 million that was cut from their budget in December. We are now half-through the year and he hasn't heard anything about its request. In the face of this situation, the head on the institute, Lorenzo Córdova, said that in case it doesn't get a response, the INE “will have to take delicate measures” and if they aren't getting the money, “it's important that we know it.” Does minister Carlos Urzúa have Lorenzo Córdova's phone number?

Tough times at the PAN

The PAN leadership tried to explain that they won during the elections last weekend, even though the party lost two key states, so not everyone is buying this argument. We've been told PAN members have been raising their voices to demand an explanation for the electoral results. PAN members have asked for an emergency meeting where Marko Cortés explains what happened, as they didn't expect to lose in certain states. Also, some PAN members thought it was a joke to use a hashtag on social media claiming the party was growing when this was not the case. According to the PAN leadership, everything went smoothly.

Bonilla can't wait

The winner of the Baja California election can't wait to receive the official results before Saturday, so Bonilla can act as Governor-elect and accompany President López Obrador at the events he will host in Tijuana and Ensenada. We've been told that despite Morena's victory in Puebla, the party is especially proud of the results obtained in Baja California since this state was governed by the PAN for 30 years.

Recommendations for Mexico

The Mexican government is about to receive news it won't like. International experts, including former IMSS director Mikel Arriola, collaborating with the U.S. Science Academy, is working on a document containing regulatory recommendations in regards to food and medicines for developing countries, which is about to be released. We've been told that the experts emphasized the need to strengthen national sanitary agencies and recommend that they become permanent autonomous bodies in order to preserve their autonomy and continuity. So maybe the current government won't appreciate these recommendations.


Mexican health service chief Germán Martínez quits over spending cuts

Germán Martínez Cázares, head of the institute known as IMSS, issued his resignation in a letter on the government’s website on Tuesday
Mexican health service chief Germán Martínez quits over spending cutsMexican health service chief Germán Martínez quits over spending cuts


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