A traditional bread at the oldest bakery in Mexico City

With almost 150 years of history, La Vasconia bakes, on average, 400 "roscas" for January 6, starting the first day of the new year

La Vasconia bakery in Mexico City – File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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La Vasconia, considered the oldest bakery in Mexico City with almost 150 years of history, bakes since January 1 between 400 and 450 roscas de reyes ( Three Kings' Day Bread or Three Kings' Bread) every day, even after the Three King's Day festivity on January 6.

Even though roscas vary in size, number of baby Jesus dolls, and flavor of the filling, most clients “want the traditional one, with four baby Jesus dolls, and the one with filling,” explains Gonzalo Salazar, bakery manager.

After three generations of owners across three different centuries, La Vasconia has kept its traditional technique of mixing dough and ingredients for its bread.

“Dough here is fresh, made at the moment. Everything is natural, crafted, more like,” reflects Salazar, who has been working here for 27 years.

Salazar claims its the use of their natural ingredients which distinguishes them from similar products. “Clients come here, all the way to the Historic Downtown, to get their rosca, because they like how it tastes.”

José Antonio Zugarramurdi, partner of the bakery store, says that times have led them to modernize certain technology, such as their brick ovens, yet they still maintain tradition in their bread.

La Vasconia, located in the Historic Downtown of Mexico City, was founded by bakers who emigrated from Spain to Mexico during the second half of the 19th century.

“The founders were from Navarra, from the Basque part. Mr. Marcelino Zugarramurdi came to Mexico and here he founded the bakery and [the business] has passed from children to grandchildren, to nephews and so on. That is how we have reached the current generation,” explains José Antonio.


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