Global tortilla market grows 3.7% per year

The Asia-Pacific region will become the biggest international market for tortilla up until 2028

Global tortilla market grows 3.7% per year
Mexican food has become increasingly popular in the last years - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The tortilla market in the world has increased significantly in the last decade and will maintain an annual 3.7% increase until 2028, according to an analysis released last week.

A research carried out by Future Market Insights reports that the tortilla market will reach USD $12 thousand 324 million in 2028.

“A higher consumption of tortilla is expected in the coming years, mainly because of the growth of the population, especially Hispanic, as well as a continuation of the trend of tortilla consumption", the study said.

70% of tortilla sales in the world take place on the American continent. In addition, the recent growth in this market has been substantially driven by the increase in the Hispanic population in the United States, according to the report.

It also emphasized that although in Mexico 94% of the tortillas produced use corn as the main ingredient, in other countries flour tortillas and other ingredients, such as potatoes, are also popular.

Also, other tortilla varieties such as fried, toasted and crispy taco shells are more popular in other countries than in Mexico.

The totopos demand will grow significantly in the world in the coming years, due to lifestyles changes and the popularization of ready-to-eat foods.

The analysis also highlights that the largest regional growth for the tortilla industry will be in the Asia-Pacific region, where the demand will increase by 7.4% per year is expected until 2028.

This growth of the tortilla in Asia-Pacific region is due to "the quick integration of ethnic foods due to migration, the will to experiment with new cuisines and solid marketing campaigns and advertising" of companies that produce fried food, like PepsiCo.

The report also detailed that several countries in the Asia-Pacific area share cultural similarities with Mexico in regards to cooking, which has also accelerated the growth of the tortilla market in this region.


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