Tortas return to the Senate, are bonuses next?

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Tortas return to the Senate, are bonuses next?
Tortas are beloved by the Senators - Photo: Pepe Escarpita/EL UNIVERSAL
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Tortas return to the Senate, are bonuses next?

They let them cut their salaries and benefits, but they won't let them take tortas, snacks, and soda away from them. It seems like Morena's Republican austerity struck deep inside the legislators' hearts, and their stomachs. And although the Senate's President, Martí Batres from Morena, set an example by bringing his own lunch in plastic containers, many of them wouldn't stop demanding food paid for by public funds. We're told that the underlying theme is not the few thousand pesos destined to keep the hungry Senators happy, but that it is a way of conquering lost privileges. Will bonuses, cars, and insurance policies return next? The torta is just the beginning.

The national tragedy that could have been

Yesterday, the northern area of Puebla's capital was close to registering a potential tragedy that could have taken hundreds of lives and dress Mexico in black, when “huachicoleros” drilled the section of a pipeline, causing an LP gas leak that forced 1,200 to evacuate their homes, as well as buyers and merchants who were in a nearby market, and almost 200 hospital patients. Also, Puebla's Public Education Ministry had to cancel classes in 76 schools in the area. The incident set off all of PEMEX's alarms, led by Carlos Treviño, it also alarmed Internal Affairs Ministry, head by Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and Tony Gali's government. We're told that the drilling was highly dangerous and the fact that an explosion didn't take place is almost a miracle. They add that the alarming issue is that the criminals not only drill pipelines in secluded places but now also in urban areas. The local and federal authorities are facing a huge challenge in the fight against these criminal organizations, but, they explain, in these cases, it would be helpful if people alerted the authorities if they suspect this kind of crime is happening near them.

Beltrones and Madrazo

The PRI is going through a reflection process these days, to meditate on its devastating loss during the elections. Yesterday, in the Hyatt Hotel in Polanco, all eyes were on two PRI members. Manlio Fabio Beltrones and Roberto Madrazo Pintado, both of whom are former PRI's presidents. They held an intense talk for almost an hour. They point out that Beltrones was the most participative one, and Roberto listened to him. One or two people approached them to take a selfie. More than one PRI member and many politicians from other parties are quite interested in finding out what they said to each other. The most seasoned paranoids are asking: are they regrouping to take over the PRI?

The IFAI is going for maximum publicity in the 3x3 law

We're told that the IFAI will vote a transcendental decision for the country's public life. After a long and complicated process, they will solve the issue of the controversial patrimonial statement and conflict of interests, better known as the 3x3 law. The institute, led by Francisco Javier Acuña Llamas, will openly and solely manage this issue on its own and will give the information maximum publicity, and make public servants make their close family's information public. That is, from their husbands and wives to in-laws. Now, let's see if it'll be approved by other members from the Anti-corruption National System.


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