Tomato juice, a red elixir full of health benefits

Tomato juice can help you prevent a wide range of diseases

Tomato juice, a red elixir full of health benefits
Although many think it is a vegetable, tomato is actually a fruit - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Some people love and some hate tomato juice, nevertheless, this beverage contributes to improving your health notoriously.

If you have not tried tomato juice and like to experiment with new beverages, be sure that this juice will not only conquer your taste buds, but it will also captivate your whole organism with its health benefits.

If you are still not convinced of giving tomato juice a try, here are some of the reasons why you should drink this tasty red elixir.

It prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases
Tomato juice is known for its color and taste, but did you know it helps prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and cancer? Yes, according to an article published by specialized magazine Ideasia, consuming tomato contributes to reducing the risk of those diseases.

In this regard, the magazine adds that eating tomato can prevent the development of cardiovascular events such as acute myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular disease in general, as well as certain types of cancer, which is due to its antioxidant properties that eliminate the free radicals that cause cancer.

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Rich in antioxidants
Speaking of the properties of antioxidants, their effects must have a main role for according to a document published by the University of Zaragoza, tomato is an excellent antioxidant thanks to its high content of lycopene, a component that delays oxidation in the cells.

Moreover, thanks to these properties, it is considered that if you regularly drink tomato juice, the body can eliminate toxins more easily and bad cholesterol in the body is reduced.

Vision disorders
If you have vision disorders, you can add tomato juice to your medical checkups since, according to the University of Zaragoza, tomato is rich in riboflavin or vitamin B2, a component that helps prevent macular degeneration, which is a vision disorder that affects central vision and that has influence in daily activities, such as reading a book, driving, and even watching TV.

No more constipation
If you suffer from constipation, this beverage can be the natural solution you were looking for since, as it has a high content of fiber, tomato is considered as a good source of dietary fiber.

In this regard, an article published by the Spanish Magazine on Human and Diet Nutrition asserts that most of the fiber content of tomatoes is located in its peel, so it is important to leave the peel in this fruit when you make juice from it.

The research adds that a high intake of dietary fiber is linked to a lower incidence of chronic intestine disorders, constipation, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, diverticulitis, bowel cancer, and even non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Antiviral, antibacterial, and antidepressive
All these are properties of the amazing tomato juice, which is due to rosmarinic acid, a polyphenol contained in this fruit.

And according to an article published by the magazine Latin American Nutrition Archives, this component has important biological properties including being anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antidepressive, anticarcinogenic, and chemoprotective.