Tijuana: Best city to vacation in Mexico

Today we bring you a list of activities you can enjoy in the great border city of Tijuana

Tijuana: Best city to vacation in Mexico
Go to the beach! You can swim in the ocean in the city or you can go to Rosarito, half an hour away from Tijuana - Photo: Taken from Descubre Tijuana's official Facebook page
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For the second time, Tijuana was considered the best city to take a vacation in Mexico. The city received the distinction of the World Travel Awards, which rewards the best tourism brands worldwide. The ceremony dedicated to Central American destinations was held on September 15 in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Some of the main factors taken into account by the World Travel Awards are: Excellence for aviation, hospitality industry, travel services, and destinations. In the institution ranking for Central America, Mexico came out a hands-down favorite, winning 25 awards.

During the selection for tourist destinations in Mexico, Tijuana won the award for best city to vacation, competing against Cancún, Mérida, Mexico City, and Oaxaca.

Today we invite you to celebrate its triumph by reminding you of some of the best activities available for tourists in the famous border city:

1- Tijuana is considered to be a capital of beer due to the broad diversity of craft beer labels produced in the region. We recommend that you visit the Teorema tasting room, from the beer label Lúdica 

2- At the heart of the city you will find the Tijuana Cultural Center, which has become iconic due to its spherical shape. Also known as “La Bola,” the cultural center promotes art from the northeast region of Mexico, featuring an IMAX dome

3- Take a walk on Revolución Avenue, the most famous street in Tijuana. There you will find craft shops and some of the region’s best restaurants

4- Try the traditional (and original!) Caesar salad at Caesars, or enjoy the diverse gastronomy offered by the food-trucks at Telefónica Gastro Park

5- Go to the beach! You can swim in the ocean in the city or you can go to Rosarito, half an hour away from Tijuana.

6- Urban art has taken over the streets of Tijuana with all sorts of colorful murals. Take one of the tours that specializes in graffiti!

Near Tijuana

Do not miss the opportunity of exploring the Ensenada vineyards, just an hour and a half away from Tijuana. Some of the most famous wine cellars in the region are Monte Xanic, L.A. Cetto, and Santo Tomás. Plus, you will be able to take a walk through the farmlands and observe the production process up close!


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