Effective right to water

The Mexican Congress hasn't fulfilled their obligation to issue the Water General Law (LGA), necessary to implement and guarantee everyone's right to water

Effective right to water
In Mexico, several communities don't have a clean water source - Sascha Steinbach/EFE
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The human right to water was recognized by the UN in 2010, and by the Mexican government in 2012, but in Mexico, we are far from it becoming a reality for all the population.

In Mexico, the issue of water has to do with an intricate network of interests, offices and complex problems, but mostly with ecosystems, people, rights, and communities.

Even today, thousands of people in our country still lack access to this essential resource.

And this not only happens because of shortage; which happens in certain areas in the country, during certain seasons because of climate and geographic reasons; but mostly because the access and distribution, which are immensely unequal, a problem the current government hasn't tried to solve.

On the other hand, irresponsible, Congress hasn't fulfilled their obligation to issue the Water General Law (LGA), necessary to implement and guarantee the right to water.

In this sense, the Mexican government has a considerable debt with those who still have to walk miles to access a source of clean water or those who pay additional fees for a service that should be free.

Today, for example, EL UNIVERSAL gives an account on the fight for water between two communities in Oaxaca, which has left one of them, San Pedro y San Pablo Ayutla, without access to water in the last 14 months, and no authority has intervened to solve the problem. Situations like this raise awareness on the inadequate management that we have given to the most important resource for life in Mexico.

Therefore, if as it has been announced, the integral management of water will be one of the environmental policies' core in the next government. At the beginning of the next administration, they have to inspect every area and project in regards to water, looking to drive a better and more efficient management and use of water and to move towards a sustainable management model.

Therefore, yesterday's announcement that Blanca Jiménez Cisneros will be the next Conagua director is positive. The Mexican environmental engineer has extensive credentials and many years of experience, and it's an expert on water management, protection, and cleanup.

Nowadays, the right to water is unquestionable. A decent life and well-being are unthinkable without it. The Mexican government must guarantee this right to everyone, equally.


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