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The president's security is vulnerable
President López Obrador refuses to hire security details - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL

The president's security is vulnerable

Mexico City
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The president's security is vulnerable

In a few days, certain events have revealed some of the flaws in the president's security. Yesterday, a protest organized by the Central de Abastos, the world's biggest market, was a problem for the president's team. The protesters blocked the entry and no one could enter or leave the president's morning news conference. There was tear gas and the president's spokesperson, Jesús Ramírez, was drenched in coffee, which was thrown by the protesters. In previous days, a hidden camera was found in the president's residence and office, the National Palace. It is still unknown if the alleged espionage will be investigated.

A surprise for Juan Collado

We've been told that the Attorney General's Office has been paying attention to Juan Collado's case, who was arrested on July 9 for his alleged involvement in money laundering and organized crime. We've been told that now that Collado has been in jail for 2 months. He received a surprise as two of his alleged accomplices were arrested, who are now also in the same jail as Collado. On September 15, a judge will decide if the two men are bound over to trial and if they will stay with Collado.

The army refuses to cooperate in the Ayotzinapa case

Yesterday, the parents of the 43 missing students denounced the Defense Ministry (Sedena) because it didn't provide information about their children's disappearance. We've been told that even the members of the Truth and Access to Justice for the Ayotzinapa Commission have been forced to request the information through the transparency mechanism. Nevertheless, they claim that several requests have been rejected by the army or they simply provide information that is already public, so not even government officials have had access to the information. Now that president López Obrador expressed his commitment to deliver justice to the families, will information be provided?

González Canudas says goodbye

We've been told that Miguel González Canudas will work as a lawyer once again. We've been told that González Canudas will return to his private practice after launching importing efforts to improve the Federal Judicial Council while minister Luis María Aguilar led by Judiciary.


The Juan Collado case: deceits & identity theft

EL UNIVERSAL visited the homes of the Ventura and Aguilar Vega, who lead modest lives, in contrast with Collado and Bustamante
The Juan Collado case: deceits & identity theftThe Juan Collado case: deceits & identity theft


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