The President pampers the army

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The President pampers the army
President Lópoez Obrador and army officials – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The President pampers the army

President López Obrador launched a plan to strengthen the morals of the members of the armed forces. What does it consist of? We've been told that the new government decided that the soldiers will now wear an emblem that was reserved for the officials who were sent abroad. Since now, the uniforms now include Mexico's flag on the right, as a symbol of pride and so that citizens also feel part of a great nation. The stimulus was accompanied by the public recognition of the President. We will see the results of placing the Mexican flag in the hands of the officials soon.

The Supreme Court won't tolerate corruption

The fight against corruption is starting to pay off, now that the new president of the Supreme Court, minister Arturo Zaldívar, has taken office. We've been told that he ordered the destitution of two magistrates in the state of Campeche for engaging in corruption acts. We've been told that the minister is looking to send the message that there will be no tolerance for acts that could affect the image and reputation of the Judiciary. Nevertheless, we've been told that by not releasing the names of the magistrates, makes the three judges seem suspicious. Would it be good to use justice institutions as an example and only use their first names to avoid those suspicions?

Things are heating up in Baja California

In order to avoid that the temperatures in the Baja California election get too high and in order to calm things down among politicians, counselors from Baja California's Electoral Institute are asking the INE to take over the quick count on July 2. The good news is that that the INE recruited experts who have many abilities; they will be in charge of the quick count of the election in Puebla. As you might know, Morena and the PAN are disputing both states, in fact, the PAN is at risk of losing Baja California, a state it has governed for three decades.

The National Guard reaches a dead point

The debate about the constitutional reform to create the National Guard will start next week but we've been told that the positions in favor and against the Nation Guard haven't shifted, not even after weeks of public debates, therefore, the discussions have reached a dead point. We've been told that Ricardo Monreal, Morena, is still working to get more votes in favor. For Morena, the reform has to include a provision that says the army and the navy will be on the streets will the National Guard strengthens but the opposition doesn't agree with handing them a blank check.


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