The President didn’t know the Conapred existed

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The President didn’t know the Conapred existed
Mónica Maccise is the head of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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The President didn’t know the Conapred existed

It wasn’t surprising when President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he didn’t know the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) existed since the government department has never raised its voice when the President stigmatizes business leaders, government officials, media, doctors, architects, and women as corrupt, “fifís,” or whites. For some time, López Obrador has criticized the opposition but the Conapred has never issued a statement. The head of the Conapred, Mónica Maccise, must be disappointed after learning that the President wasn’t aware the council existed and might wonder is staying silent was a good idea. However, the country urgently needs an organization to fight discrimination

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Morena gets back to work

Even when Mexico reports a high COVID-19 contagion risk, ruling party Morena is back to press conferences. Today, the party and its allies will host a press conference. We’ve been told that Morena will announce its alliance with other parties. Morena leader Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar decided that although there is a high risk of contagion, the upcoming elections are a priority. 

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The opposition shuns the PRI

We’ve been told that the possible alliance between the PAN, PRD, and MC in 75 out of 300 electoral districts doesn’t include the PRI. We’ve been told the PAN sees the PRI, in Congress and some governorships, closer to Morena than to the opposition. Nevertheless, we’ve been told that a formal alliance between Morena and the PRI is not required, instead, negotiations with the ruling party might be enough to allow the PRI to win some states and increase its presence in the lower chamber and take some seats that currently belong to the PAN.

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The Foreign Ministry registers several victories

For the fifth time in history, Mexico will occupy a seat in the UN Security Council. We’ve been told that this is not a minor diplomatic victory and now it could also become a member of the Economic and Social Council and let’s not forget it led the Latin America and the Caribbean Community. It seems like the Foreign Ministry is working to place Mexico in a relevant place on the international stage. At the Ministry led by Marcelo Ebrard, they hope that Jesús Seade is also appointed to the World Trade Organization. We’ve been old Mexican diplomacy will shine again.

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