Peña Nieto forgives Anaya
Peña Nieto and Ricardo Anaya - Photo: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL

Peña Nieto forgives Anaya

Mexico City
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Peña Nieto forgives Anaya

We're told that a few days ago, it was revealed that a notable character took the former PAN candidate, Ricardo Anaya, to the official residence, Los Pinos. We're told that the aim of the meeting was that Anaya to make peace with President Enrique Peña Nieto. The purpose was that Anaya was given a benefit, a letter of non-execution of criminal action, by the Attorney General, and as result, he won't be in the hands of the incoming administration. Many are asking themselves who is the character that convinced Peña Nieto to meet with Anaya. Everything indicates that these are the days of forgiveness.

Gómez Morín isn't focused

A week away from the PAN's internal election, the candidate Manuel Gómez Morín seems not to be focused, as he insists on attacking the former Presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya. PAN members say that, although the majority agree with the critiques against Anaya, they consider that he has spent too much on them, and hasn't focused on his real adversary, Marko Cortés, who, they claim, has had time to distance himself from Anaya; it's even been said that Cortés has betrayed Anaya. So, by focusing on Anaya, Gomés Morín is forgetting about Cortés, who might scape and win the internal election.

A week under scrutiny

We're told that this week, the Mexican government will be under the scrutiny of the United Nations. First, the universal periodic review will take place on Wednesday, where dossiers about human rights in the country will be analyzed. In this case, civic organizations collaborated to create a report, where they warn that Mexico is going through a triple violence, corruption, and impunity crisis. Nevertheless, the scrutiny doesn't end there, because on Friday the UN's Committee on Enforced Disappearance (CED) will hold a meeting in Geneva, where it looks to maintain a dialogue with Mexican authorities about an issue that affects the country, as over 37,000 people have disappeared. Will the government come out unscathed?

Protecting the 2019 Budget

It's not about mistrust, but we're told that the president of the Budget Commission in Congress, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, made it clear to the members of Congress that the 2019 budget won't be negotiated with private citizens and that a strategy to verify the use of resources and put public expenditure in order will be created, also, they will increase the efficiency of tax collection in states and municipalities. Mr. Alfonso, we're told, added that the priority investments to will be to give maintenance to the finished projects and to finish the ones that are pending and that they will only take into account transcendental projects or projects with an impact. This takes place in the context of the review of the budget, that will take place before December 15.


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