López Obrador is no longer visiting Veracruz and Puebla

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López Obrador is no longer visiting Veracruz and Puebla
AMLO with Tabasco's incoming and outgoing Governors - Photo: Yadin Xolalpa/EL UNIVERSAL
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López Obrador is no longer visiting Veracruz and Puebla

The President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will shorten his countrywide tour to focus on the projects that still need work, in the face of his inauguration as President on December 1. Originally, the tour was set to end a couple of days before December 1, but it'll end a month early, on October 21. Oddly enough, the two states he won't visit are the ones where he could hardly take a smiling picture: in the case of Puebla, because of the post-electoral conflict, and in Veracruz, because the Governor, Miguel Ángel Yunes, insulted him throughout his presidential campaign.

Peace between AMLO and Arturo Núñez

And while we're talking about uncomfortable situations, during his visit to Tabasco, López Obrador met with the outgoing Governor, Arturo Núñez, with whom he has been distanced for many years. But the link between them is the Governor's son, Néstor Núñez, Cuahutémoc mayor, in Mexico City. Mr. Néstor, we're told, has been Ricardo Monreal's protégé for several years, and therefore, he was able to be part of Morena, while the break between his father and López Obrador didn't affect him. In that context, both of them, along with the elected Governor, Adán Augusto López, greeted each other and took pictures.

Sexual diversity in politics

In the midst of the controversy because of the transgender Spanish model and current Miss Spain, Ángela Ponce, and of Miss Mongolia, Belguun Batsukh, in the Miss Universe pageant, today, a discussion forum about transgender people's right to gender identity and political participation will take place at the Iberoamerican University (Universidad Iberoamericana). Muxe activists from Oaxaca, Alexandra Haas, from the Conapred, representatives from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and José Luis Vargas, a magistrate from the Superior Court of the TEPJF will attend. Vargas Valdez was the Judge-Rapporteur of the sentence of the Electoral Tribunal Superior Court, who by confirming the registration of 17 transgender candidates, set a precedent in regards to the effective protection of the political-electoral rights of a group that has been historically discriminated in the political arena.

Quarrels that have an impact on society

Yesterday, EL UNIVERSAL published an article about how half of the cameras that operate in Mexico City don't work properly. We're told that the real issue, not only in Mexico City but also in the rest of the country, is that the use of technology against crime has turned into a commercial war that is trying to get settled in the political arena. The best example is what's happening in the capital: a pioneer city in the installation of cameras, but where there is a fight between inexperienced companies, who also have power, with others that do have technical knowledge. That has implied technological backwardness in the last years and has driven away government who would rather about getting in trouble.


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