Oaxaca celebrates Christmas with radishes
A radish nativity - Photo: Edwin Hernández/EL UNIVERSAL

Oaxaca celebrates Christmas with radishes

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Yuridiana Sosa, Mariana Castillo
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The “Night of the Radishes” is a way to celebrate Christmas in a unique way

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The “Night of the Radishes” (Noche de Rábanos) takes place on December 23 and it's the most spectacular December celebration in Oaxaca during the holidays. It attracts thousands of national and international tourists.

The tradition began 121 years ago when the gardeners and flower growers in Oaxaca wanted to show their creativity through art.

The artisans create complex figures and scenarios with radishes, which are later displayed during a contest.

Nevertheless, making the radish sculptures requires expertise, patience, creativity, and time.

The origin of the Night of the Radishes dates back to when street vendors made radish figures to make their stalls more attractive and sell more products.

Nowadays, this has become a famous contest and tradition that attracts hundreds of tourists to Oaxaca every December 23.


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