21 | AGO | 2019
Morena's new Puebla candidate
Miguel Barbosa and Alejandro Armenta - Photo: Left: Miguel Barbosa ()/Right: Alejandro Armenta (Valente Rosas/EL UNIVERSAL)

Morena's new Puebla candidate

Mexico City
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Morena's new Puebla candidate

Morena members are ready to look for a candidate for the Puebla candidacy and contend in the extraordinary election on June 2. We've been told that the Morena Senator and the pre-candidate, Alejandro Armenta, met with a person who has stayed in the shadows of the current government and that has been quiet after his 2018 wedding: César Yáñez. Alejandro Armenta talked to Yáñez in a hotel close to the Senate. What did they talk about? Yes, about his intentions to contend against Miguel Barbosa in the internal election and become Morena's candidate to Puebla. We've been told that Armenta showed Yánez the poll results that position him as the best option, so that Yáñez can talk to the President about this.

The PRI is like a decaffeinated coffee

After the disastrous results of the 2018 election, the PRI is hosting the first meeting of its National Political Council today. But don't worry, the once powerful party is battered and only they only plan to vote on the request for the Electoral Institute to organize its internal election to renew its leadership. We've been told that the PRI leaders have no intention of launching a call to choose a change in leadership that should lead the party between 2019 and 2023. We've been told that the party's counselors are waiting to create a strong leadership and conditions to face challenges from its position as the opposition: unity. For now, today's meeting will be like a decaffeinated coffee.

Bad times for the PRD

The PRD is going through a rough time at the lower chamber. We've been told that the draft to create the National Guard was discussed yesterday and after 7 members left the PRD, the party had no vote during the discussion. We've been told that the former PRD member, Javier Salinas, talked about the project and expressed his support, now that he is part of Morena. Despite fights and resignations, the PRD still has 12 lawmakers, one more than the PVEM. How sad!

18 years after the EZLN caravan

Bolivia's President, Evo Morales, remembers an important date in Mexican history. We've been told that the President didn't forget the 2001 date when the deputy commander Marcos and 23 commanders of the EZLN began a caravan that traveled through Mexico and arrived into Mexico City. The Bolivian President wrote a message on his Twitter account: “thousands marched for the recognition of the rights of the indigenous people and the demand of peace and dignity.” Well, Evo Morales has a great memory! Even the EZLN forgot about the date.


The Court wants nothing to do with Puebla

Under Reserve features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
The Court wants nothing to do with PueblaThe Court wants nothing to do with Puebla



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