Morena vs. Morena

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Morena vs. Morena
President López Obrador - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena vs. Morena

We've been told that inside Morena's parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies, the situation is not only tense but also worrying. The constitutional reforms to create the National Guard and the addition of crimes that merit pretrial detention has caused division among them: there are some who will directly approve Andrés Manuel López Obrador's proposals and there are others who are asking to listen to the opposition and to society. We've been told that some think the differences will become more evident during the extraordinary period, and also, that without the votes from the opposition and Morena's rebels, the bills might not be approved. It seems like Morena's majority is running out of fuel.

AMLO surprises his team

Several members of President López Obrador's team were surprised by the announcement he made in Iztapalapa yesterday, about the “well-being groups savings,” that is, credits granted to 1 million small businesses. We've been told that his team didn't even know about the budget that will be allocated for those credits, that the beneficiaries will pay monthly and without interests. So the announcement not only surprised the citizens but also his team.

Revolution at the Conagua

We've been told that the National Water Commission will start a real revolution today. Today, the Conagua is turning 30 and the commissioner, Blanca Jiménez Cisneros, the first woman to lead the institution, will announce the refounding of this department. Among the measures that will be announced, are the dismissal of some employees and the hiring of people with technical experience in regards to water and the elimination of areas that controlled the majority of the budget for construction contracts. Those contracts, they explain, will now be assigned to the proper technical areas, following the transparency criteria established by the current government.

Mikel, the prophet

Mikel Arriola, the former head of Mexico's Social Security Institute was invited to speak at an international forum by Chile's Health Minister, Emilio Santelices Cuevas, so Mikel could share his experiences in regards to digital transformation. We've been told that Arriola agreed and he's expected to attend the forum in Chile.


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