More austerity at the INE
Budget cuts have affected different state departments - Photo: Edgar Garrido/REUTERS

More austerity at the INE

Mexico City
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More austerity at the INE

Many things are happening at the National Electoral Institute (INE): a counselor who doesn't want to lower his salary, Benito Nacif, who's fighting his colleague to prevent a salary cut, and there's another counselor who claims the austerity measures proposed by the institute aren't enough. Such is the case of José Roberto Ruiz Saldaña, who claims that more austere measures are possible at the INE and voted against the budget proposed by the electoral authority. Now, after the cuts established by Morena's majority in Congress, on social media, Ruiz Saldaña said that these cuts are a great opportunity to rethink the INE. “Ravings during the development of budgets, scheduling, and exercising of expenses should stop. So much subcontracting is inadmissible.” This has been a recurrent claim against the INE: the organism pays workers and officials who then subcontract someone else to do the work.

The PAN and its last fight in 2018

And talking about electoral issues: The PAN's last fight this year will be the one against the PRI after they consider the elections in Monterrey were “stolen” from them. The PAN is getting ready for a legal battle on December 31, as that is the last day to contests the special elections that, according to the vote counting, favor Adrián de la Garza, PRI. The PAN is willing to push through for just 5,992 votes, which is the difference between the PAN and PRI candidates; 6,000 votes were annulled. So the alternatives are to overcome the differences or annul the election again and try and save 2018 as it was a disastrous year for the PAN.

The President is off to his ranch

We've been told that yesterday, President López Obrador traveled to his ranch in Palenque, Chiapas, where he will relax for a day. The President will also take January 1 off before starting the new year with more work: a tour in Morelia and then travel to northern Mexico to release a decree that will benefit the northern border's economy in 2019.

Priests relax too

Carlos Aguiar Retes, Mexico's archbishop is also relaxing, as he will celebrate New Year's in Tepic, Nayarit. We've been told that he won't return to the capital until January 6. But Catholics shouldn't be worried, as the Apostolic Nuncio in Mexico, Franco Coppola will celebrate the mass in Mexico City, that besides commemorating the “Festivity of the Divine Maternity”, will celebrate a peace day.


Supreme Court cuts 15.1% off its budget as an austerity measure

Minister Aguilar Morales says that the judicial branch is not foreign to the economic, political, and social challenges the country is facing
Supreme Court cuts 15.1% off its budget as an austerity measureSupreme Court cuts 15.1% off its budget as an austerity measure


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